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A woman who loves wedding dresses and a man with the fastest ejaculation of the world meet, don't like each other and get married. The usual love story.


in collaboration with
i Licaoni

screenplay, animation and editing by
Astutillo Smeriglia

Alessia Cespuglio

Alessandra Falca, Laura Regali, Alex Lucchesi and Guglielmo Favilla

credits music by
Lo Zio Giorgio

screenings and awards
Nastri d’Argento 2012 - Best Animated Short Film
Ozu Film Festival 2011 - Audience Choice Award
Est Film Festival 2012 - Special Mention
Imaginaria 2011 - Special Mention
Arcipelago Film Festival 2011
International Short Film Festival of Lille 2011
Exground Filmfest 2011
Banja Luka International Animated Film Festival 2011
Anim’Est 2011
Multivision 2011