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A beautiful planet where the weather is always fine, money grows on trees and the traffic lights are always green. Yet there is something wrong.


screenplay, animation and editing by
Astutillo Smeriglia

Guglielmo Favilla

screenings and awards
Nastri d’Argento 2011 - Best Animated Short Film
Arcipelago Film Festival 2010 - Best Artistic Contribution
Visioni Italiane 2010 - Kodak Award For Best Short Film
Oporto International Short Film Festival 2010 - Best Animated Short Film
Magma Film Festival 2010 - Best Animated Short Film
Milano Film Festival 2010 - Second Audience Choice Award
Lucania Film Festival 2010 - Best Scenario
Festival de Cine Italiano de Madrid 2011
Anilogue 2010
Genova Film Festival 2010