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People who collaborated to create these short films:
Guglielmo Favilla: voice in almost every short film over here.
Fabrizio Odetto: the voice in the shadows in Polchinski, old priest in Priests, male voices in Homo Homini American Bison and voice direction.
Emanuele Simonelli: animation for Homo Homini American Bison.
I Licaoni: casting for Autogenic Training and voice direction.
Alessia Cespuglio: voice of the narrator in Autogenic Training.
Alessandra Falca, Laura Regali e Alex Lucchesi: voices in Autogenic Training.
Simona De Vitis: voice in Homo Homini American Bison.
Stefano Galeone: organ music of Jujitsu Day.
Max Jacob: musical performance for Jujitsu Day.
Lo Zio Giorgio: credit music of Autogenic Training.